hi guys it’s your favorite fatty again
and today I got something really exciting for you guys well not that
exciting well I mean it’s kind of exciting cuz
you guys are gonna watch me soak in this tub for this entire video I’m just kidding but before we start this
video let’s take a moment to appreciate my outfit of the day well I got this from
fashion Nova if you guys do not know what fashion Nova is it’s a clothing
brand oh someone’s loading in(i got distracted) it’s a clothing brand that is pretty popular on
Instagram and there are celebrities that wore stuff from them like Cardi B Kylie
Jenner and my girl Cupcakke okay so I really did like this outfit it is a
two-piece outfit that I saw on their website and I decided to bring them into
roblox so if you guys are interested to get it as well well I’ll link them down
in the description I made it in three colors the black and the white and
yellow which is the one that I’m wearing right now okay so enough talking(about me) let’s
get right into this video all right guys so as you guys can see I got lots of
lots of lots of decals that I have uploaded and ready to share with you
guys but before we begin from here I wanna share with you guys these first
just in case some of you guys click into this video to
for this decal it’s um put out so if you don’t know who’s this woman she’s
actually the mother of honey boo boo and here we got what I like to call Minion-na Lisa see what I did there and if you guys got friends that are in
need of a gorgeous painting well these two are perfect yeah so if you guys
are gonna do that let me know down in the comment section and tell me how your friend
reacted to it because I would love to hear from you guys yeah so let’s move on
here we’ve got a bloxburg Cafe menu that I have edited with Photoshop and
with the help of images that I found on Google so I’m not claiming all of these
images to be my work what I did was just change what was already in the Menu
so for the prices I know they look crazy they’re just two times of the original
prices at you guys get them from out from the fridge so let’s say for example
we got hamburgers here so if you guys want to grab a burger from the fridge
you got to pay $18 that’s why I’m charging here $36 for the entire plate
for that well you got to make some money right if you want to start a business on
Bloxburg oh and I want to explain this area here for the dessert um some of you
may ask why are there two prices here well let’s just say someone wants the
chocolate cake and ninety-two dollars for a chocolate cakes sounds kind of
crazy so if they do not want the whole chocolate cake where you can charge them
for $16 for a slice that’s how you’re gonna make money
you gotta worry about your bills okay everybody got bills and so do you okay
so we’re done with that we’re gonna start from here with the animals so cute
right I know okay so you know what I’m not gonna talk throughout from this part
of the video because you guys are just gonna focus on decals and choose which
one you guys want to put it into your bloxburg house restaurant or whatever
build that you have so yeah here we go we have come to the end of this video I
hope you guys find a decal or two that you like after looking at all of these and let me know
that in comment section which one is your favorite I love to hear from you
guys and yeah I guess oh and if you haven’t find any that you
like uhm I have to say you’re special but it’s okay you can always go
to the roblox library to look for other decals that suit more to
your liking anyways I like to thank you guys for
watching if you find this video helpful or useful in any way don’t forget to hit
the thumbs up right down there and I and if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to
subscribe if you want more content like this
oh and shout out to these guys that dropped by to say hi while I was
recording this video they were so supportive and really sweet I can’t
thank you guys enough alright I’m gonna end this video here I
hope you guys enjoyed this one and I hope to see you guys in the next BYE!

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